We take user safety seriously. So we'll give you some tips to be careful about when trying to find someone - online or offline. Please read this information to help you avoid possible very unpleasant things that may happen to you.

LuvPassion (LP) does NOT check the criminal history of any of the registered users.

When online

For your safety, please follow the information below:

  • DO NOT share your home or work address with any users;
  • DO NOT send intimate photos;
  • If someone sends you an offensive and/or disturbing message, please report;
  • Report fake records or profiles, also anyone who tries to use the platform to try to sell you a service or product or who is advertising something;
  • Report spam, links that might lead you to another page or site trying to sell you something;
  • DO NOT accept and report requests and/or invitations to "telesex";
  • Report minors using the app or website;
  • Never share your financial information (credit card number, bank information) and DO NOT send money to another user, even if someone claims to be in an emergency situation;
  • Report and block users who are suspicious or appear to be acting in bad faith, trying to make threats by sending emails or threatening you through your smartphone. If you notice any of these attitudes in any user, report it.

LuvPassion NEVER sends messages requesting your password and/or username. Report any user who violates these security terms.

When offline

When meeting someone in person, take some precautions:

Try to keep your conversations in the app or on the LuvPassion website and try to get to know the other person better. Someone with bad intentions tends to want to chat outside the system from the start.

Be wary if someone sends you money to go on a date where you have to travel far from your home and/or city and/or state and/or country; Tell your relatives, friends about your dates or let them know where you are going.

Avoid meeting the other person in private places, such as your home, apartment, among others. If the other person you just met asks to take you somewhere private, go away and/or, in extreme cases, ask for help - we never know who we will actually meet, so be careful.

Check to meet the other person in a public place, especially if there is some kind of security and camera equipped locations. DO NOT go into hiding with the person you just met or know little about. Always try to stay in public places.

Always try to be sober; Using illicit drugs or legal drugs such as alcohol can endanger you; It is important to remain lucid. A bad character citizen can alter his drink, therefore:
never drink something that the other person is giving you in a glass or container where you have not seen what has been placed or do not drink something that the other person has given you, since the source came from a different container or the same container, wait for the other person drinks before you, or rather, buys your own drink without being directed by another person - beware, don't be a victim anymore.

Stay in control of your transportation.

Beware of your health

Seek medical attention and check your health conditions.

Protect yourself, you don't know who the other person you are starting with or looking to relate to really is. There are people who know they are sick and want to contaminate others on purpose, so BE CAREFUL.

It is your responsibility for any kind of relationship (physical contact) that may exist between you and the other person. Protect yourself and be honest with the other person if you have any kind of illness. We are NOT responsible for any kind of illness the user may catch when relating to another user.

Physical and/or sexual violence

If something happened to you and/or if you need help, call 911. Também você pode ligar para:

National Sexual Violence Resource Center

1-877-739-3895 |

National Domestic Violence Hotline

1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or 1-800-787-3224 |

National Human Trafficking Hotline

1-888-272-7888 or text 233733 |