Welcome to our privacy policy.

We understand that you have entrusted us with your information and maintaining that trust is our goal.


This Privacy Policy applies to the "LuvPassion" - "LP" system except: If any specific service or product or area has its own privacy policy, then this policy here will NOT apply.


We are a 5 year old IT company - called: "Nepoweb". This app or site - "LP" or "LuvPassion" - is owned and operated by "Nepoweb". The "LuvPassion" or "LP" system is a social network focused on relationships between people over eighteen (18) years.


We want to collect or extract information from persons over the age of eighteen. Therefore, we require the user to be at least eighteen (18) years old to register and use the "LuvPassion" system (website or application).

We need personal information, such as basic profile data, some characteristics, and information about the type of person you would like to meet, including: age, location, and more, except race and physical type. In this case, the user will have to check on their own: photos or videos (currently not allowed - video). Without this data, we will not be able to help you connect with other users.

We may also extract information generated through your account that is on a social network, of course, if you choose to log in or register by entering data that is on that social network.

As for location, we may collect or extract information: through your IP, your network, WI-FI network and/or your exact location (geolocation) by latitude and longitude.

We may also collect information about your device:

  • hardware and software, IP, device;
  • application and device characteristics and/or settings;
  • browser type being used, browser version and language;
  • operational system;
  • and much more.

The moment you create a LuvPassion account, you will provide us with your login details, as well as some basic data necessary for the proper functioning of the system, such as your email address, gender, date of birth, and more.

When the user completes the profile, they will share with us additional information such as: some data about their personality, interests and other data such as content, photos. Videos are NOT currently allowed.

When you choose to provide us with some information that may be considered special, such as: your ethnic or racial background, sexual orientation, religious denominations, physical and mental health; You are authorizing us to process this information. Regarding your physical and mental health, as well as your religious denomination, we recommend that you DO NOT report anything unless you want to tell a specific user.

By subscribing to a paid service and thus accessing certain restricted areas of the site or application, you will provide information to our payment service providers, such as: your debit or credit card or other financial information.

We may collect or extract information about your activities on the system(s).

We may also process your conversations with other users.

We may receive information from you from third parties: social networks, partners, and other users.


First, for those unaware, cookies are small text files in which they are stored on the mobile device and / or the web browser used by the user and installed on their computer. These cookies typically store certain data such as: domain name, visit information, randomly generated identifier, browsing history, user recognition information, user preference information, and other information that may be recorded or stored for later access.

LuvPassion will attempt to use a minimum of cookies, but we may use as many as needed.

We may use various types of cookies for: session, authentication, search and analytics, some site or application services and/or features, security, plus other functions.

Session Cookies

Session cookies are cookies that store the session ID and some necessary data stored in the session (for proper system operation), which will only last when the user has a browser open on the site or application and also when they are connected to the system.

If you are logged into the system (navigating) on ​​the "LuvPassion" website or application, the cookie (s) with the ID and other session data will cease to exist or will be deleted as soon as you close the browser where the website is located. or application is open.


We may use cookies to authenticate you (user) and some of your preferences..

Search, Analytics

We may use cookies to extract information using Google Analytics; information: which can tell you where the site or app was accessed, the number of visitors who accessed the system, the pages accessed, and more.

This informations cited above can help us improve the system.

Services and/or resources

We may also use cookies to: add photos, messages, chat, account settings, search preferences, links to social networking sites, videos, social networking plugins.

Some social networks may store cookies on your mobile device or computer; It is these social networks that are responsible for the data recorded in these cookies, so read the privacy policy and / or similar file where they can tell you about the storage of cookies they will store on your device.


We may use cookies and other devices necessary to make the LuvPassion system and its users safe.

The system is simple and easy to use. But if you experience difficulties, you can resort to "help" located within the system. And if you want to report any profile, report within the profile itself.


We use user information to:

  • improve the system - application or website;
  • try to improve the usability of users in the system;
  • provide some or more advertisements - if the system is to advertise something - of interest to the user;
  • help maintain system security;
  • create an account for the user, managing that same account and the information that is passed on;
  • complete payment transactions;
  • try to inform about new services;
  • try to inform about orders and billing;
  • help the user to connect with other users by showing profiles according to their preference;
  • develop new features or upgrade existing features according to user requests;
  • detect, prevent and combat illegal activities, fraud and unauthorized activities;
  • implement and enforce our rights.


We share your information primarily with other users, because we need to connect you to others. This is the main purpose of LuvPassion.

We may also share some user information with other "Nepoweb" systems, as long as these systems are niche or people - such as this "LuvPassion" system - and, if necessary, with legal authorities.

Be careful to disclose your information. Make sure you are passing on information that you already disclose or you have no problem disclosing it publicly; DO NOT pass information to other users, such as your account number, credit card number, social security number, and the like. LuvPassion does not request such information. Some payment systems may request such information to identify you, identify your purchase, and complete purchases that may be made, and it is in your discretion to pass information to these payment systems.

If you choose NOT to provide information for the payment systems mentioned above, we will NOT be able to complete the purchase you made on the site or app. To gain access to services and/or restricted areas of the system, you must share or pass the necessary information to payment systems to complete a purchase you have made on our site or app..

Some information that the user passes will NOT be visible to other users, where will be a warning: "(not informed)" located right after the information - on your profile page. The user has the right to pass this information to another user on their own, either via message or via chat - while connected to the system.

And, as mentioned earlier, we recommend that you do NOT give information about your physical and mental health and also about your religious denomination (if you have any). If you would like to tell someone about the subject or one of the above, we recommend that you do so after getting to know the person well.

We may share information with other third party systems such as:

  • other information technology companies or services;
  • moderators to monitor activity and approve content on the site or app;
  • payment processing companies or services;
  • security operations - such as fraud prevention and/or other services or companies to protect the "LuvPassion" system from criminal activity.

If the system "LuvPassion" - "LP" or "Nepoweb" is in the process of sale, purchase, bankruptcy and / or any change of ownership or control, we may transfer your information if necessary.

As required by law, we may disclose your information to:

  • auxiliar na detecção e prevenção de crimes - para cada caso, se a lei se aplicar;
  • comply with legal procedure - such as: a government investigation and / or law enforcement agency;
  • protect the safety of any user.


You can and have the right to delete your own account or delete your own data at any time. However the data will NOT be deleted at the time, only after ninety (90) days that the user requested the deletion. The user account will be inactive and invisible to other users when the user deletes their profile.

Ninety (90) days after the deletion of the profile, the user's data (his data) will be deleted or deleted entirely from the "LuvPassion" system, including payment and access time data. Also when the user deletes their account after ninety (90) days, and if they have hours of access, that same user will NOT be entitled to a refund and will also NOT be able to use their hours or minutes of leftover or leftover access without use; so expect to expire or run out of simple, premium or gold access time to completely delete your account.

Within ninety (90) days from the date of the deletion request, if you deleted your account and then gave up or regret deleting it, just log in again and you will get your account back exactly the way it was. If you have deleted your account and it has been ninety (90) days from the deletion request, you will have to re-register to use the "LuvPassion" website or application.

We have NO control over the data that is passed to third parties. Data passed, for example, to: payment systems we may use. To delete your data from these sites or systems, you will need to delete them directly from each other's site or system by reading the privacy policy and / or similar policy of each site or system to learn how your data will be deleted - if you are registered in those sites.

For us and the user it is important that the user has control of their information.

Therefore, we provide some services, such as:

  • Data update;
  • Account configurations;
  • Access Tools;
  • Remediation tools (may be the same as update);
  • Exclusion tools.


First, users (including you) should NOT expect their personal information passed to "LuvPassion" to be kept completely secure, and we do not promise that such personal information will be kept completely secure. We will do our best to protect users' personal information from: destruction, alteration, disclosure and unauthorized access.

We seek to update the system to try to disable various types of attacks and to try to mitigate potential security vulnerabilities.

If we detect or suspect any breach of security, we may suspend your use, in whole or in part, of the services WITHOUT NOTICE.


We retain your information passed to us from LuvPassion from the moment the user signs up for the system.

We may retain your information indefinitely:

  • if we have to comply with applicable law;
  • if we have to withhold them for any or all evidence of our compliance with applicable law;
  • if there are any complaints, problems or disputes that require us to withhold information until it is resolved;
  • to improve users safety;
  • prevent the user from re-registering if that user has been expelled from the system for inappropriate behavior and / or has attempted to mislead the system in any way.

If you are free of the topics listed above, if you delete your account, we will retain your information for ninety (90) days after the date of the deletion request; After these ninety (90) days, the data or information passed by the user will be completely deleted from the "LuvPassion" - "LP" system.

We delete user information when requested by you (user), ie when the user deletes the account (90 days after the date of the deletion request) or when there is a 30 month inactivity (two and a half years).

We do NOT promise that all user data will be deleted, but we will endeavor to delete this data.


Should any changes to this privacy policy occur in the future, we will endeavor to notify you to review the changes made or to accept the new privacy policy.


We understand that users, including you, have placed or placed your trust in providing us with some of your information.


Thank you so much for using "LuvPassion" - "LP".