Community rules

Rules of what to do in LuvPassion

About respecting people or users

How would you like to be treated? We figured you'd like to be treated with respect. Is not it?!

Therefore, we ask that you treat other users with respect, respecting: beliefs, genders, interests, opinions, sexual options, ethnicities and different social classes.

About sending messages

The people you are relating to or seeking to relate to will not be ignored. Everyone likes attention. So try to read the messages you receive from the other person you are relating to and try to respond according to what the other person wrote; Don't give meaningless answers.

About adding photos and videos

Add your photos, images or image files or photo files that are really yours and you are present in them too. Do not add photos, images, image files, or photo files other than your own and/or with copyright; We take copyright seriously. If you add photos, images, image files, or copyrighted photo files, you may be expelled from LuvPassion if you have found that you have added these file types; It is also your responsibility to add and share these files.

Remember that at this time, you and other users will NOT be able to upload videos, because they are NOT yet accepted by the system.

About following the rules

Respect the rules and other users so that you are not expelled and/or blocked.

Rules of what NOT to do in LuvPassion

About pornographic or bad taste content

DO NOT add content that contains pornography, pedophilia and the like and / or things with content deemed offensive. Avoid getting kicked out, posting your things (photos, images) that are decent.

About verbal offenses

DO NOT verbally offend other users. Respect them.

About pretending to be someone else

LuvPassion is designed to help you create a type of connection or relationship with others, whether friendship or dating, in real life or online. Therefore, we need you to enter your details as a name, add your photos or images, and use or inform profile data.

About personal information

Please DO NOT post information that is considered intimate, personal or sensitive, such as your physical and mental health, your religious beliefs (if any). We also ask you NOT to post information such as your phone number, home or business address or profile of any social networking site or application or photos, images and/or videos with your information or information considered public; If there is information or files with the content mentioned above, we have the right to delete those files and/or information.

If you currently have access to restricted areas of the system (you paid to have access), we recommend that you do NOT pass on the types of information mentioned above for your own safety. We do not know who is really on the other side; and it is your responsibility to convey the types of information mentioned above.

If there is a message and / or image, containing information such as: phone number, email address, social network address, among others, to try to circumvent or deceive the system, we have the right to delete such message and/or image.

About content with children

Please DO NOT post photos, images, or image files or photo files where children appear, even if you appear. Be careful when online, we never know who is really on the other side.

About advertisements or spam

LuvPassion is a system (website or application) designed to create connections or relationships between the user and others (as stated above); It is not an ad system where the user or a company (pretending to be a user) can advertise something. Therefore, DO NOT attempt to offer services, advertise, sell products, or offer services from other websites or systems. If we detect such practices, the user will be expelled and / or blocked from the system (website or application).