LuvPassion - LP


Online dating and/or online dating site.


LuvPassion aims to help people connect online, whether it's dating, friendships. The offline relationship of LuvPassion users is at the discretion of the people already connecting to the site. We recommend that you read the "safety". we provide here on the site to help you avoid very unpleasant things that may happen to you.

This site is a good alternative for those who want to flirt online, have a long-distance or online dating, arrange dating and also for those who want to make friends online. It will depend on you and the other user with whom you are relating, the type of relationship that will exist, being dating, flirting, friendship. The site was designed and built based on creating loving relationships between one person and another - this being their main goal.

Mobile devicesMobile devices

This LuvPassion system is built to be compatible with mobile devices such as smartphone, tablets, among others. The use of mobile devices is steadily rising and may even surpass the use of standard desktops.

Appearance in the imagesAppearance in the images

When browsing an online dating site, social network, or any other similar site or niche for online dating, online dating or online dating, people tend to look first at the other person's image, photo - appearance.

A profile with photos or images tends to draw more attention than a profile that does not contain photos, so try to put at least 2 (two) photos in your profile if you already have a profile or decide to sign up for one.

Therefore, try to send pictures or images in which your face is clear. Do not post images that are less prominent than others who might be present in your photos or images - this is a very important fact to succeed with others on an online dating site, online dating site or a Online dating site.

Another very important fact to succeed not only in sites of this online dating niche is knowing how to talk, learn and listen and also give attention to someone else - with that, you already have a good chance of succeeding with the same.

Meet, chat, findMeet, chat, find

By being signed in to your LuvPassion account, you can search for people close to you residing in your city, nearby cities, in your country and around the world.

By opening the profile of the person you are interested in, you can bookmark, like, send a message. When you like or send a message to someone else, that person can know if they liked you and can read your message. If there is a "crush", a chat link will open where you and the other person can exchange messages in real time.

Appear invisibleAppear invisible

LuvPassion has an option for you to choose whether or not to appear to other users, called: "Appear Invisible".

If you choose NOT to appear to other users, with the option to: "Appear Invisible" turned on, they will not know that you: visited them, liked them, favorited them, and also will not know that you are on the site because you will not appear in searches; This is not a good option if you want other users to find you.

Remember that appearing invisible is a good option for those looking for someone in specific and does not want to appear for those who do not interest you. But what if the person you're looking for is in "appear invisible" mode on and you are also in the same state as the mode, then how will you know each other?

Describe about yourself on your profile and let it be found by other users if you want to be found. If you don't want to be found, turn on the on mode to be invisible to other users.


In LuvPassion - LP, the "Crush" mode works as follows: when you like the person and that same person likes you, then "Crush". On this social networking site, this mode initiates a chat link between you and the other person, where you can exchange messages in real time.

Your locationYour location

Letting the system access your location is a good option for other users to easily find you within the site search.

Liked meLiked me

To find out if a user likes you, "LuvPassion" has a space called "Liked me". This section displays the list of people who like your profile Liked: on your profile page, leaving the Like button like this Liked.